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Triple Moon Green Onyx #004

Triple Moon Green Onyx #004

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The Triple Moon symbol is a popular Wiccan symbol used to represent the Goddess. It depicts different phases of the moon - waxing crescent, full moon, and waning crescent moon. 

The waxing crescent moon phase refers to the Maiden and symbolizes purity, youth, new life, beginnings, rejuvenation, excitement, and expansion. 

The full moon phase refers to the Mother that symbolizes fulfillment, fertility, ripeness, potency, caring, nurturing, protection and power. 

The waning crescent moon refers to the Crone that symbolizes maturity, wisdom, experience, knowledge, understanding, death, and rebirth. 

As a whole, the Triple Moon symbol is believed to represent the eternal cycle of birth, life, and rebirth. 

Also called the Triple Goddess symbol, the Triple Moon icon is commonly seen on the crowns or headpieces worn by the High Priestesses.

Green Onyx carries with it the primary properties of Onyx -- strength, willpower, and discipline. It soothes the heart, bringing a calm emotional state, allowing for a still mind that helps in calling one's inner endurance and persistence. Green Onyx also helps in growing one's psychic abilities and an innate intuition. 

People who speak publicly will benefit from Green Onyx as this stone helps in raising your self-esteem and helps you communicate more effectively. 

A stone associated with the heart chakra, helps to open one's heart to unconditional love.

Size: 5.00 inches x 2.70 inches x 0.81 inch

Note: Please keep in mind due to lighting effects and monitor’s brightness/contrast settings etc., the color tone of the website’s photo and the actual item could be slightly different

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