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Pink Scolecite Cabochon (AAA) #004

Pink Scolecite Cabochon (AAA) #004

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Scolecite in general is a stone of inner peace, and as such commonly used as a meditation tool. It activates upper chakras allowing connection to the higher realms. Scolecite unlocks and strengthens the 3rd eye chakra. When used for cleansing the aura or self-healing, it is very important that the intention come from the heart. 

Pink Scolecite on the other hand is quite a newly discovered stone from the scolectite family. It is known to help one access ancient knowledge from ancient civilizations. It allows connection with higher self and consciousness to gain better perspective on one's soul journey in this lifetime. 

Pink Scolecite opens the heart energy center encouraging expression of love. It promotes harmony, bringing people together. 

It is important to cleanse and sage Scolecite after working with it for healing or aura cleansing because it pulls out negative energy from within and absorbs such. 

Size: 1.41 inches x 1.0 inch

Quality: AAA/Triple A (highest grade) 

**Please keep in mind that due to lighting effects and monitor’s brightness/contrast settings etc., the color tone of the website’s photo and the actual item could be slightly different.


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