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Malachite Crystal Bracelet

Malachite Crystal Bracelet

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One of the oldest known stones, Malachite has been used for thousands of years for its healing and transforming properties. 

This is a stone that can served differently for each person. Its deep healing green color personifies nature and represents innate beauty of the earth-herbs, flowers, trees and roots and plants.

This stone absorbs energies instead of emitting, it advisable to place Malachite over areas that are dis-eased or painful so as to draw out the negative energy and surface the psychic-emotional reasons for the dis-ease. 

Because it is an absorbing stone, it is important to cleanse this stone after use by placing it on a larger quartz cluster for at least 3 hours or utilizing the rejuvenating powers of water and sun. (K. Raphaell) 

Bead size 8.3mm 

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