Charoite Crystal Bracelet

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Charoite is regarded as a stone of transformation, as it helps overcome fear, helps in coping with enormous changes at a spiritual level. It synthesizes the heart and crown chakras, cleanses the aura, and stimulates unconditional love. 

Psychologically, Charoite aids in facilitating acceptance of "negative qualities" in others, as it releases deep fears,  overcomes resistance or putting things into perspective. It allow drive, vigor, and spontaneity in a person. 

Spiritually, Charoite grounds the spiritual self into everyday reality. It encourages a path of service to humanity. This stone opens and balances the crown chakra, the energy center that facilitates connection with your higher self, with others, and with the Divine Source. 

Charoite transmutes negative energy into healing and aids in converting dis-ease into wellness. It recognizes when the body is tired.